*[[Problem 222:http://projecteuler.net/index.php?section=problems&id=222]] [#n8dbd76c]

内半径が50mmのパイプを考える. このパイプの中に半径が30mm, 31mm, ..., 50mmの21個の球を収めたい. 最短のパイプの長さを求めよ.

What is the length of the shortest pipe, of internal radius 50mm, that can fully contain 21 balls of radii 30mm, 31mm, ..., 50mm?
μm (10&sup{-6}; m)単位で一番近い整数に丸めて答えよ.

μm (&tex{10^{-6} m})単位で一番近い整数に丸めて答えよ.

Give your answer in micrometres (10^(-6) m) rounded to the nearest integer.

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